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This blog is for the art and other ramblings of B.R.Kuhlman. It's an epic mish-mash of sketches, entrepreneurship, and... shiny things. You can find more of her madness at:

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I’m not going to lie. My skillz in time management are often lacking. Part of it is because life interferes. The other part is because I let life interfere, and I end up thoroughly distracted in a…

Blue Morpho with South American MapI don’t intend to share just Etsy shops every time I do a feature, but this I just had to. Seriously. Are you seeing this? I’m seeing it. That is a real blue morpho butterfly.

If I had a…

List from grocerylists.org ~ very funny stuff!

I window shop a lot. Especially online as it means I can think in peace without other shoppers or salespeople in my face. Pinterest

Good morning, world! It’s Christmas here in Texas. It’s probably already been Christmas for a while in other parts of the world.

It’s been a very trying year, and the holidays have a curious way of…